Meet Brent McClure

Brent is a visionary, a change maker, and a paradigm breaker for the accounting profession. He brings clarity and perspective to clients. His vast knowledge across a multitude of industries and expansive toolbox can help you and your business achieve new potential.

Helping Business Owners Achieve Results

L. Brent McClure, CPA, LLC (LBM) is a boutique consulting firm offering outsourced, extremely customized solutions for the CFO role. At LBM, we provide financial leadership to assist companies in achieving growth goals and overcoming challenges. Our team has a proven track record working with private businesses, both regional and international, in addition to public companies. Additionally, we take pride in our deep understanding of the small to mid-size business space.

LBM operates as a trusted advisor and fully integrates into the companies we support. We have years of experience as the right hand to entrepreneurial CEOs coupled with our vast accounting background, we are able to offer strategic guidance and thought leadership in addition to core financial support. Our unique blend of experience, our ability to connect across all areas of a business, and our strong leadership and communication skills allow us to operate as a valuable member of any management team.

The approach to each engagement is driven by the client’s needs. We deliver insightful, highly customized services, which allows us to be flexible and always remain in touch with the needs of the business. Our efforts result in user-friendly financial tools and much needed information to support decision making and insightful, actionable, real-time solutions to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

We value serving our clients rather than making them listen to a sales pitch or pressure marketing. We value personal relationships, phone calls, emails rather than a canned computer written response. We value building long term relationships with our clients and not just in it for a quick sale.