Outsourced CFO

With this service, we become part of your team and someone you can call on for support. We will handle CFO duties such as strategy, leadership, funding, financial reporting, presentations, process improvement, compliance, as well as communications with various stakeholders. We also meet regularly with the key team to bring clarity as to how financial numbers help your company operate more effectively. We will analyze and evaluate your processes and procedures and propose ways to improve efficiency thus increasing the bandwidth of your employees and lowering both direct and indirect costs. We deliver insightful, highly customized services, allowing us to be flexible and always remain in touch with the needs of the business. These services are provided as a “fractional” resource to your team, enabling you to have access to a key financial skillset and resource that is an everyday part of your business on a cost-effective basis.

The financial leadership we provide to the business includes, but is not limited to, the following areas of expertise:

Financial Management

  • Provide perspective, direction, and financial management
  • Deliver timely, accurate, and useful financial information to support decision making
  • Provide leadership in both financial and operational areas
  • Succession planning

Cash and Credit Management

  • Provide cash management and planning support and best practices
  • Provide dashboards and forecasting models to enable visibility into future cash flow
  • Work with lenders and other partners to obtain additional financing, refinancing and/or restructuring of existing financing arrangements and prepare lender packages

Forecasting, Reporting, and Analysis

  • Prepare and deliver financial reports, analysis and supporting information to owners and management at least monthly, along with an understanding of the numbers
  • Provide forecasting and modeling to show the financial impact of decisions
  • Implement and possibly maintain dashboards to measure performance
  • Implement job cost reporting and project management tools and reporting
  • Provide business valuation support
  • Provide acquisition and divestiture analysis

Financial Systems, Processes, and Practices

  • Enhance the use of financial and operational systems to quickly obtain needed information for management to make effective decisions
  • Understand and Improve procedures and processes to increase efficiency
  • Assist in software implementations and financial system automation
  • Assess skillset of existing staff and advise where improvement is needed
  • Design and implement incentive programs to drive productivity